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Instructions for Applying Heat Transfer (Iron-on) Reflective Tape

Before following the directions below, check to see if there is a blue, clear protective film on the glue side of the iron on and peel off before ironing. – not all rolls will have the blue film.

Iron on reflective tape can be applied to almost any type of fabric, leather or other material provided it can handle the heat of an iron or heat press during the application process. It is best run a test on an inconspicuous part of the garment before applying the main strips. The tape should be applied using an iron set to a medium temperature (250F to 300F).

The reflective tape is made up of two parts. A heat activated reflective film and a plastic protective liner.(protects the iron and the reflective trim itself)

The  liner will face up towards the iron and the silver layer will lay against the material. After the tape is ironed onto the material the plastic liner is peeled off. To determine which side goes up peel back a small portion of the liner from the tape. You will see that one part is a plastic liner and the other is the reflective tape. The plastic liner faces up and the other layer lies against the fabric. You may want to make a mark on the liner as a reminder.

1. The first step will be to iron your material or garment. This will remove any wrinkles and provide a nice flat surface for the tape to lie on.
2. After ironing out the wrinkles you will cut your tape to the length you want and lay it liner side up where you would like it on the garment.(if you haven’t checked to see if there is a blue, clear liner on the glue side, check your pieces before you start ironing and remove the blue liner if there is one)
3. Starting at one end, press the iron down firmly on the strip and heat the tape for 5 – 8 seconds working your way along the tape toward its other end. To avoid scorching the material do not over heat or remain in one place for too long with the iron. (Be especially careful when applying reflective tape to nylon.)
4. Once the tape has cooled, you may peel off the clear protective layer. If you find that the tape has not adhered properly simply run your iron over the tape again, let it cool, and peel the liner off.

For best results, hand wash or use a machine on gentle cycle and low temperature and then line dry. For a long service life, it is important that the tape be properly applied with sufficient heat and pressure.



  1. I looking to apply reflective tape to a pair of Phats that I own, does anyone know how to so that the tape is permanent?

  2. Well it was in miami and a police officer pulled me over because of the tinted tail lights on my car. I honestly had no idea they were illegal. The car already had those darkened tail lights when I bought it. He let me go with a warning but said that I have 30 days to get the tail lights replaced with proof, such as a reciept from the mechanic. I have no problem getting new tail lights for my car since its only about $50, but I wanna know if applying reflective tape to each light would solve my problem. I know that is the primary reason why smoked tail lights are illegal; because of the hard-to-see reflectors on each tail light.

    • Just wanted to say thkans for the quick order placement and shipping. I placed the order on a Saturday and had the materials on Wednesday. I couldn’t ask for better than that. I also would like to thank you for the time you took to answer all the questions I had and providing with additional information that I hadn’t thought to ask about. Once I get the Jeep sprayed I’ll email you some pictures.Thanks again, Alan

  3. Not sure…you would definitely need to ask a law enforcement officer. If they say it will work, we carry a black reflective tape that would not take away from the tinted look and is retro-reflective at night.

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