Reflect-All Paint Instructions

The Brilliantly Reflective Spray on Coating!
Now sold in in 12 and 8 ounce cans!

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Reflective Paint Instructions

Apply only to a clean, dry surface free of dirt, grease, wax, rust, etc. Mask off surrounding area to protect it from over spray.

SHAKE CAN WELL BEFORE AND DURING USE.   Hold can 12” to 18” from surface. Mist in short, overlapping strokes.  For larger areas, apply several thin coats.  A little goes along way! Do not flood coat the surface.

 (Very light mist! Thicker is not better)

Optimal application temperature:  45F to 90F.  Paint dries in approximately 10 minutes. Always test in an inconspicuous area first.


35 comments on “Reflect-All Paint Instructions

  1. Ed Kennedy on said:

    Hi – I need something to paint on a sign that is already in place – spraying won’t do it since it has the area name already carved into it in gold. Any suggestions for paint-on reflective paint rather than spray? Thanks!

    • Go to look under glass beads for paint. You can paint on a clear coat then sprinkle the beads on, making it reflective. Let me know hoe it turns out!

  2. William Southall on said:

    Would your Reflective paint be suitable for a TV projector screen, as a top coat on a gray surface?. If so it would be an excellent alternative to most of the available & ridiculously priced proprietary brands available.

    Sincerely William Southall

  3. Paula on said:

    Would this product be appropriate to use for curbs? I would be painting the house numbers on top of a retangled area of the reflective paint. Also , where can it be purchased?


      Can this be used, effectively, for curb address painting. If so, would it be better to lightly coat the white background, or the black numbering instead??

      Larry Quintero

  4. Can Reflect-all be used on fabrics like t-shirts? If so, would the paint survive a washing machine and dryer?

  5. Bill Fricke on said:

    I am looking to use this product on Norweigan buoys marking fishing net position. Will this paint adhere and stay on heavy plastic?

  6. Bill Fricke on said:

    I am trying to find a product that will work on inflatable buoys made of heavy duty plastic. Can this product adhere to rubberized plastic.

  7. Doug Johnson on said:

    I am interested in painting my bicycle to improve visibility during the winter. With the light misting application, what would surface result be? Would it have a pebbly texture? Also, can a protective clear coat be applied over it without affecting the reflectivity?

    • Doug,
      It can be used on a bicycle and works great! See our video on YouTube. Here is the link.

      The finish is slightly rough and semi-translucent however, we would not recommend a clear coat as it would affect the reflective properties of the coating.

      Cole Safety Products

  8. Samuel Oyewusi on said:

    Hi i was wondering if i were to mix the beads with clear coloured paint and painted would it become reflective?if your company ship internationally and how much would shipping be?

    • The beads can not be mixed into the paint, they are for topical applications only. Only the beads on the surface of the paint will reflect. Shipping is ussually under
      $20 if the shipment is below four pounds.

  9. Ellen on said:

    How many square feet does a can of ReflectAll cover? Thanks.

  10. I used the spray on a banner and it worked great during the parade, but when I looked at the photos we took, I couldn’t read the words on the banner… Any way to avoid this?

    • If you sprayed over the letters as well as the background, the banner would reflect in whole, especially when using a flash. Would keep the letters flat black and only spray the background, however, to the naked eye the banner should have been readable. A flash camera would make it unreadable in the photo.


  11. Would this hurt my indoor orchid flower grow room? Used flat white paint for it’s reflectivity and evenness without hot spots. Was thinking of spraying this over it for more light.

    • We have sold to hotels that use our reflective beads on top of white paint, they say it allows them to use less energy (light bulbs). Feel like the beads would definitely add more intensity to your indoor lighting system.

  12. Johnazar Robiso on said:

    Hi! I am very much interested with the product and I already have it in my cart. However, during check-out, I could not find Canada in the list of states or provinces. It seems like you don’t serve Canada. Or maybe just missed something during check-out. I don’t know. Please help. Thank you and more power!

  13. Rick on said:

    Is your product clear enough to be used on an auto license plate and NOT violate the visibility of the plate?

  14. Bob Smith on said:

    Will you have this product in can so I can spay it with my own spray system?


  15. hello,
    would this work spraying onto a knit fabric, jersey or cotton?
    I am aware that it would come off after each wash but for an initial application would it work?


  16. Patrick on said:

    I have a red sign. (pms 202) I would like the reflection to be the same color as the sign. Do you have the ability to make the reflection a different color than white?

    • Glass beads only reflect back the light that enters them. For instance if you shine a flash light at your sign using beads you will see mostly white. If the flash light is green you will see mostly green. The beads are clear so the red will come through but at night if headlights hit the sign it will reflect back mostly white….

  17. I have been looking at this kind of product for some time. I know Volvo did a sample can and they have stopped production. I am very interested in this product ( reflect all) spray.. I notice a comment about Canada and not being able to export it out. does that also mean Europe ? Why if not and do you know of any other companies that do it in Europe

  18. Ben Breon on said:

    I have a painted wood sign, if I cover the blue letters then spray, will that work?

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